Monday, September 28, 2009

"Jeez Aunt Jane," said Mike, "I hope that no one finds out that i am really a boy."
"Don't worry sweetie," said Jane, "You are way too girlish and feminine to worry about discovery."
"And my white tights feel so soft," said Mike.
"I knew you would like them," said Jane, "Being a girl has its fun parts too."
"I can't wait to dance. I want to look cute out there in my little costume."
"I have to go help your father, Kendra, get changed into his leotard and tights," said Jane.
"Ohhh," said Mike, "I can't wait to see how Ken, er, Kendra looks. I love how long and sexy my legs look in the white tights, and the leotard really shows off my curves and ass."

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