Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Introducing Tina

Hey guys, my name is Tina, although I used to be known as Tim. In the 8th grade, my grades were so poor that my mother told me that if my marks did not improve, than I would have to start dressing as a girl as a punishment. My brother, Chris/Christine(not yet pictured,) was given the same ultimatum.
I thought that mom was joking, but she followed through and forced me into my sister's pretty white tights. My sister already has the leotard and tutu picked out that I am going to wear to my first ballet class.
I was given this long brunette wig, and a pro makeover. My legs feel so sexy now in the white tights. I'm still getting used to the high heels and short skirts. Anyway, I have to get ready for dance class, and I'll put up some more pics later. Bye Bye XOXO

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"Dad," said Melissa, "What are you doing in my ballet costume?"
"I just had to try it on. I want to be a girl. Your leotard is so tight."

"Dad, what are you doing in my cheerleader costume," asked Melissa.
"Well, it just looked so cute, I had to try it on. Don't I look sexy in my tights and panties."

Above, his daughter MELISSA, formerly Mike.
Ken Matthews was always being picked last for sports as a youth. As an adult, he never grew to more than 5'6'' or 120 pounds. Being so slight, and having a penchant for crossdressing, the activity came easily to him. However, it was never more than a closet fetish until one day he discovered his 15 year old son Mike wearing his sister's tights.
They discovered that they shared a common bond beyond a mere father son connection. The guys agreed to support eachother in their little hobby. To make up for lost time, Mike was transformed into Melissa, and Ken had himself transformed at the professional crossdress studio into Kendra. Mike, with the aid of hormones, would gradually transition into a girl, and was enrolled in ballet classes to help him work on his femininity. Mike, of course, had to take an extra class with the younger girls to learn the basics that he had missed out on by having to grow up as a boy. Of course, he was required to wear the pink uniform that those girls were required to wear.
Kendra was taking an adult ballet class and had her own dance outfits. However, she loved to sneak on the pink tutu.
In his first year of high school, Mike/Melissa made the cheerleading squad, and brought home the cheer jumper. Kendra saw it and just had to try it on. She grabbed a pair of her own white tights, and new lacy panties, and got dressed. She felt so sexy in the smooth white tights and the girls cheer jumper, and she wished that she could have been an actual cheerleader instead of a stupid, dorky boy. Ken had never been much of a man, but here she was, a gorgeous woman and mother of a teenage daughter.
Kendra slipped on the white tights and stepped into her son's leotard, tutu, and ballet shoes. Mike came home and found his father twirling about the living room.
"Dad, you are so silly," he said. He pulled out his digital camera and snapped photos of his father dancing like a little girl. Mike went and pulled on his tutu, and the boys practiced their ballet moves together and collapsed laughing into eachother's arms. They modeled for eachother. They were total girls.
The boys did eachother's hair and makeup, and tried on several pairs of tights and leotards. Thanks to the special panties that they had bought, there was no fear of showing their "male bulge." Mike showed his dad some cheerleading moves. Before too long, they had nearly forgotten that it was time to head off to the weekly crossdresser's meeting!!!! They both took their hormones and headed out the door.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Introducing Julie

Hey guys, its Julie(formerly Jake.) I just had my official, professional Male 2 Female transformation/makeover done last week at the studio, and now I am getting ready for my first day as a High School Sophomore, except that I am going to a new school as a girl.

You see, my dad lost alot of money at the racetrack, and borrowed some more, and was in debt over 30'000$ to Aunt Linda. In exchange for erasing the debt, my dad and I agreed to participate in her scientific experiment to live as girls for the next three years. We didn't have much choice. Still, I am getting used to long hair, short skirts, pantyhose, and panties. Hey, at least I make an attractive girl. I'm already planning to go out for the cheerleading squad(I'll post pics, I promise.)

It feels so strange pulling on the pantyhose. I mean, I am a guy. I'm supposed to be playing baseball, not doing my makeup and thinking about chasing boys. This is crazy. And now Aunt Linda is going to have me starting ballet next week(I'll post pics.) I have nothing but tights and panties in my dresser drawer, and last week, we went to look at dresses that I could wear to homecoming.
Aunt Linda has already turned my dad Ryan into Meg, and is expecting him to learn how to be a housewife. And I have to act as a pretty girl. She has me going to these charm classes to learn how to be a lady. I'm also going to these classes with other "boys" in the experiment to learn how to be ladylike. This is crazy.

Mike/Melissa learns ballet..

"You look so pretty in your leotard and tights sweetie."

"I just have to warn you though, you are going to attract a ton of male attention."

"How does my bum look daddy?"

"You are the picture of femininity."

"Oh thank you daddy," I said, "I am so glad I am not a dull boy anymore. I feel so pretty in my leotard and pink tights."

"It is so weird seeing you as a girl instead of as a boy."

"I think I could get used to it.

Mike/Melissa learns ballet.

Well, class is ready to start. I am all ready to dance like a girl in my sexy pink leotard and pink tights. I hope no one realizes that I am really a boy. Aunt Jane did a great job with my makeup, hormones, and physical transformation, and I am ready to learn how to be graceful.
I can't wait to dance with all of the other girls.
"My god sweetie," said dad, now mom, "You look so pretty. I can't believe that my son is now my daughter." We hugged and shared a mother daughter moment.
"I know daddy. I never thought I would one day be in leotard and tights and going to dance ballet. This is awesome."
"Just be careful around the boys," said dad.

Man, this leotard really fits tight to my body and shows off my curves. It is kind of embarassing how you can see the top of my tights and my thong through the nylon. Oh well. I hope the dance teacher doesn't mind.
I guess as long as you can't see my male bulge. No one would suspect a thing. I hope my dad doesn't mind, seeing his son as a girl with a smooth crotch and no hint of his manhood. I look so sexy though.
I could still lose a little baby fat. Still, my hips look so sexy in the pink tights.
It feels weird trading in the jeans and football cleats for pretty pink tights. I am really starting to think like a girl

Man, it was so tough to get the pink tights on. This leotard was tough to figure out as well. It felt so great though sticking my tighted legs into the holes and then pulling it up over my sexy body. Man, I am going to be on hot girl. I hope the guys are ready for me.

I can't wait till dad sees me dressed like this.

This thong is going to drive me crazy though when I am trying to dance. I should have gone with full bottom panties instead.

I bet the boys won't be able to do anything but stare at my sexy legs. I can't keep my hands off of them myself. I love wearing tights.

"Mike," said Aunt Jane, "You look so cute. Let me help you with your leotard."

"Jeez Aunt Jane," said Mike, "I hope that no one finds out that i am really a boy."
"Don't worry sweetie," said Jane, "You are way too girlish and feminine to worry about discovery."
"And my white tights feel so soft," said Mike.
"I knew you would like them," said Jane, "Being a girl has its fun parts too."
"I can't wait to dance. I want to look cute out there in my little costume."
"I have to go help your father, Kendra, get changed into his leotard and tights," said Jane.
"Ohhh," said Mike, "I can't wait to see how Ken, er, Kendra looks. I love how long and sexy my legs look in the white tights, and the leotard really shows off my curves and ass."
Mike was so excited about his first day of ballet. Aunt Kelly said to Mike, "Since you are new to dance, you will need to take a class with the younger girls to learn the basic moves. Put on your pink tights and pink leotard."

Mike, now Melissa, couldn't wait and pulled the pink tights up his now shaved legs. "Aunt Jane, I feel so pretty," he said.

"Of course dear," now let me help you into your leotard."

"I feel like such a girl," said Mike. "Ballet is going to be so much fun. I have always dreamed of dressing like this and going to dance as a girl, doing the moves that ballerinas do." Aunt Jane helped Mike pull the tights up over his thong and adjusted the hose around his waist.

"Are there any hot boys at ballet," asked Mike?