Monday, September 28, 2009

Introducing Julie

Hey guys, its Julie(formerly Jake.) I just had my official, professional Male 2 Female transformation/makeover done last week at the studio, and now I am getting ready for my first day as a High School Sophomore, except that I am going to a new school as a girl.

You see, my dad lost alot of money at the racetrack, and borrowed some more, and was in debt over 30'000$ to Aunt Linda. In exchange for erasing the debt, my dad and I agreed to participate in her scientific experiment to live as girls for the next three years. We didn't have much choice. Still, I am getting used to long hair, short skirts, pantyhose, and panties. Hey, at least I make an attractive girl. I'm already planning to go out for the cheerleading squad(I'll post pics, I promise.)

It feels so strange pulling on the pantyhose. I mean, I am a guy. I'm supposed to be playing baseball, not doing my makeup and thinking about chasing boys. This is crazy. And now Aunt Linda is going to have me starting ballet next week(I'll post pics.) I have nothing but tights and panties in my dresser drawer, and last week, we went to look at dresses that I could wear to homecoming.
Aunt Linda has already turned my dad Ryan into Meg, and is expecting him to learn how to be a housewife. And I have to act as a pretty girl. She has me going to these charm classes to learn how to be a lady. I'm also going to these classes with other "boys" in the experiment to learn how to be ladylike. This is crazy.

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